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[Backordered] PUMP + Dance Deluxe Dance Pad


For PC / Linux / Most Macs. Comprised of durable fabric and filled with high density foam, for a platform-like feel

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This pad works for PC, Linux (Ubuntu), and has been known to work with most MACs (10.9 [Mavericks] and above, including Yosemite, El Capitan, and Sierra).

Although the surface of the pad looks like a standard DDR pad, the internal sensors are designed for BOTH dance and pump play.

The Deluxe Dance Pad is an improvement over the basic pads in 2 ways:

1. 1″ super high density foam inserts which inflate the pad to a more arcade-like platform. This ensures that the pad remains firmly grounded. The result is greater comfort to the player, the ability to advance to higher levels, and ultimately the ability to achieve higher scores.

2. Raised, reinforced buttons act as a sensory aid, enabling the player to gauge his/her exact position on the dance pad at all times.

Like the basic dance pad, the Deluxe Dance Pad also features super-sensitive, no delay technology, and is constructed of smooth material which allows fluid transitions from step to step.

Summary of Features:
1″ super high density foam inserts
Raised, reinforced buttons
Arcade-sized circuitry for high scores

Cable length:9 feet
Power Source: direct from your PC/MAC (pick a platform above)
Sensitivity: High

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