Some of you will need to download a driver to get the pad working. Download MAC driver

1. Windows 10 users: On the lower left hand side near the windows icon where it states “type or speak to me”, type joy.cpl and press enter. Windows Vista, 7 or 8 users: Click on the windows icon on the lower left hand side on your desktop and type joy.cpl in the white search box above it. Press enter. Windows XP users: click Start, click Run, type joy.cpl, and then click OK.

2. The Game Controllers dialog box with 2 columns titled “Controller” and “Status” will pop up. Your USB game pad should be listed within the dialog box. If you cannot find your pad listed, then go to step 4.
3. If you can find your pad, click on Properties and go the TEST tab:
    a) Check whether the buttons on the computer screen light up when you step on each arrow.
    b) Try triggering the same button a few times in a row to test responsiveness (do not stomp on the pad).
    c) Also check whether any of the buttons are always lit, regardless of whether you are stepping on it or not.
4. If you cannot find your dance pad in Game Controllers, try a different USB port. If your game pad pops up, go back to Step 3. If all ports fail to read your device, then your pad has malfunctioned. Contact us for a free replacement if it is within 6 months of your purchase, or 50% off a new one if purchased within the past year.